Woodland Retreat

Design/Build by Wu-Way Landscape

     This site is deep in the forest of the Sierra Nevada near North Columbia. A couple of tastefully remodeled hunters cabins are now used as a retreat for a Bay Area couple who have long ties to the area. In keeping with the character of the site, we utilized old iron pipes left from the 19th century’s hydraulic mining to construct a retainer for a natural stone terrace built between the cabins.
     For enclosure, some low walls were built from beautiful stone; others were built with concrete, then coated over with an earth plaster. We found and placed boulders on the site, built benches, and made a rustic petanque court.
     To gain parking and privacy, we rerouted the nearby road, moving it farther from the cabins—which also calmed down the dust. In addition, we put in lighting, and planted some natives and naturalizing, deer-resistant nursery stock to create a low maintenance terraced environment for relaxed outdoor living.

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