Nevada City Remodel

Design/Build by Wu-Way Landscape

    Our project in Nevada City involved landscaping and problem-solving for a 19th century cabin that had recently been remodeled. The gardens had been swallowed by runaway growth, the patio was a disaster, and there were serious groundwater problems behind and under the house.
     To counter the water predicament we repaired the deep, old porous foundation with a series of overlapping remedies. Additionally, we rebuilt portions of the foundation and repaired and re-sided a portion of the dry-rotted structure which abutted a new patio. We brought in new underground utilities and upgraded the sub-panel, and built flagstone patios, steps and walkways as well as curving dry-stack natural rock walls planted with tough native and naturalizing plants.
     Two shade structures and a fountain were built. We constructed new brick and stone entry stairs, carpentered new period porch posts, installed landscape lighting, automatic irrigation, tamed an erosive, damaging seasonal water course and planted the gardens anew.
     Nevada City is a wonderful place to live and work. We offer our gratitude to our client, the citizens, and the place. 

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