Granite Bay Modern Remodel

with Jack Chandler Landscape Architecture

     This project was a large remodel of both home and garden. The house was transformed inside and out; the landscape a total re-working. The previous hillside terrace and pool had subsided and the entire hillside required an engineered reconstruction.
     We constructed new retaining walls and terraced patios, along with shade structures, awnings, trellises, and screening walls. An artful mechanical building was burrowed into a hillside, and we installed an olive orchard, architectural quality concrete walkways, flagstone paths, and an elaborate new driveway with integral ribbons of plantings.
     Additionally we created a hot tub with an accompanying cold plunge; we built fences, an enclosed vegetable garden, moved in large boulders, and carefully placed custom sculptures. We developed an irrigation system and installed underground utilities, drainage, lighting, and all new plantings.
     This project won a California Landscape Contractors Association Sweepstakes award in 2000.

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